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If you, or your group, are interested in attending a class, please contact us.  Also, we will be adding Civilian Pepper Spray and Civilian TASER in the spring. 

New/updated firearm/CHL laws as of Sept. 1st, 2013.

Concealed Handgun, Personal Protection and Firearms Training

Midgard Defense offers affordable, professional training in:
    > Concealed Handgun Classes
    > Personal Protection/Refuse To Be a Victim
    > Firearms Training
National Rifle Association Classes

Law Enforcement Training

Our courses are structured to accommodate people of all ages, gender, backgrounds and abilities.

First, let's help you find out where to start:
 - I want to learn about developing a
strategy for personal protection....click here.
 - I want to get or renew my
Concealed Handgun License....click here.
 - I have my
CHL and want to improve my shooting skills....click here.
 - I want to learn about
protecting myself and family in my home....click here.
 - I have never shot a pistol, am a novice or want to improve my
pistol skills....click here.
 - I am an experienced pistol shooter but want more
intensive training....click here.
 - I have never shot a rifle, am a novice or want to improve my
basic rifle skills....click here.
 - I want to learn about using my
AR-15 variant rifle....click here.
 - I want to learn about being an NRA
Range Safety Officer....click here.
 - I want a
private lesson to improve my pistol and/or rifle skills....click here.

Past students:
Refer a friend to any of our classes and receive $25 off your next class.

Student comments......
     "Excellent use of videos, kept the flow and material as interesting as possibly could
           be.  Great job start to finish.".....P.C.
     "The instructor was able to maintain the students' interest and attention
         throughout the class.".....B.H.
     "You give a great block of instruction.  Your knowledge and interest in what
         you are doing is great.  Keep up the great classes.".....J.C.

     "Great class, good additional information.  Kept it interesting and moving along as
          a good pace!!  Many good videos and clips.".....C.T.

To learn more about our classes, click the links to the side.

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